anabeautie (anabeautie) wrote,


OK so it has been so hectick... since the last time i saw you.
CW:114 slowly but surly. Before i went i had to go to the doctor about my hand and how i burnt it.. mt bf took me and he made me feel so bad.. more or less we ended telling the doctor about the ED well now i am suppoed to go get a blood test.. screw that!! I tslkto my budd on msn who is also ANA well she said she had diet pills i could have she'll send then to me and by the time i an home ill have htem .. i did this after i went to the doctor lol.. FU brandyn. Well that was like 3 days ago and since then i have traveled 2 provences lol.. im now in saskatchewan. Visiting my best friend. Well i love it here.. everyone has commented on how much weight i lost its amazing! I love it.. that makes me want to lose even more.. which i will! The bf was suppoed to ccome out with us but he decided he didnt want to so then we left it at that but now he wasnts to but its to late my mum said no!! SO itll be a boyfriend less trip! I dont really want to go home here no one knows me and i feel like i can start over .. im juts that skinny girl and i love it. Well i better go and shower ill talk to u later

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