anabeautie (anabeautie) wrote,

long road

Ok so here i go...

We one my first day in Regina i had abrunch with Megan and all of her friends (gals) it was ok i ate as little as i could. After that we relaxed and watched tv then we went to her mums place there i sat on the computer and watched TV. Then when she got home we went to a drive in theatre and we saw white chicks and 13 going on 30. We were late for the first movie adn then we fell asleep for the second. The next day at her dads house we decided to wash her car.. it was fun then we sat on her dads back porch and drank sum sort of alcohol... the her dads gf ordered chinese food.. ha i got out of eating because she forgot that i was a vegiterian so all i could eat was the white rice lol. That night we went to a movie with her BF Scott. We saw the notebook, i thought it was a really good movie i didnt cry thought. The next day was her grad i went the the cap anf gown adn help her at her pre gard party wih her family then i was off to the cabin with my mum and sister, we played card games all night.. then thenext day we went out to roan's ravine that is where megan and her family would be camping for the next week.. this is where the fun begins.. well when we were that the beach after setting up the tents... my mum was taking pictures of everyone and she said sasha these pictures would work much better on your camera.. so i decided to go and get them. On the way back i decided to go to the bathroom so i put the keys half in and half out of my bag so i could find them easier.. well when i was done i flushed the toilet and then swung the camera bag over my shoulder and then the keys flew out of the bag and then in to the toilet.. gone forever. A towtruck came and we got keys and my mum got a spare key to the cabin we were all good there but that was the excitement. That night was megans after grad i got soo drunk! this is also the night i picked up smoking again... stipid praries. Then the next day is the day her folks and everyone went out the the cmpground... megs and i were goin to go out later that night, that day walked around alot. That night we picked up Scott and went camping. This is also the night i met Tyson... long story not geting into it... camping was fun alot of tubing but not such good weather. When we got home from camping we saw another movie.. teh stepford wives. is was an ok movie! Not much happened until we left.. wel left early and got home thursday.

The first night i was home i went to brandyns place where that night he broke up with me. Days short of our 20 months of being together. I was soo crushed and i still am. The next night i went to the lax game and then had people over to my place it was fun.. i kinda wasnt in the mood to be socible but i knew i had to. The next day i went to the mall to buy a consert ticket adn on the bus i forgot my wallet :( so i had no money and no ticket. So at the mall i called hilary and she picked me up and we went to my place and then tio the mall where i got my photos developed. Then i went home and brandyn came over to tlak but all i did was cry. this was nthe noght i relized there is no chance for us to get together... now it is today and i have started my fast i dontknwo how long it will be but i want to lose weight.. i have no bf to worrie about me so hre i go ill let uknwo how it goes day by day!

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