anabeautie (anabeautie) wrote,

day one

Ok so today ill start the 2-4-6-0 diet... i'll eat 200 cals one day the next 400 and so on then on the 4th day ill eat zero.. my fast day. I have done this one before but it ended up that i ate only 400 cals everyday. But this time ill do it rite.. im drinking coffee more and water more so i think the liquids will help and the coffee will help alot. Im also looking into diet pills i think ill hit those up. I dont think ill start smoking as i just kinda quit my casual smoking. If i do it wont be till i can legally buy them. Thats what i say for now but we will have to see.

I have to stop talkin to brandyn about my ED. I love him but i also love my ED. Seeing he broke up with me my love for my ED is much strogner at this time. It wont leave me in the dust. It will always be with me and i can rely on ana. She will never leave me nd hurt me like he did. Also this is why i am taking time off a bf. I dont need one to make me happy i have ana... i have no time for one i cant worry about him when all i can consontrate on is me. All i want to think about is me.

I am goin to be working alot more starting next week a min of 30hrs and a max of 40hrs. So i will be too busy for a bf and to busy to eat it is perfect.

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