anabeautie (anabeautie) wrote,

another day

Ok so the diet is goin ok... the days arnt in order tho... yesterday was 800 cals and today was 600 ... so i think im working my way down!

Yesterday i got up and had like 3 cups of coffee and amy came over and we hung out and talked for a bit. Then i packed my bags for the beach and we went to pick up chelsea and went tp amys house where we hung out and got ready. Then we picked up everyone else and went to the beach. Half way there we get a call from the other guys and thier car over heated. So we picked up some water and then on the way we stopped to give it to them. At the beach we all relaxed it was fun... mark amy chelsea pat lucy sean andrew and cole. We left at like 5:30 so we went home and i went to amys where we relaxed then went to costco with her dad and then got ready cuz we were goin to go to Lucys. She was having peeps over. But then when we got there it was all grade 10's eekk! (her bro) but it got better and then amy steph and krista went for bubble tea. We drove everywhere.. the 1st place had no pearls and hten it took 30 mins to get to the other place! boo. But then we went back to lucys and someone took her purse so we looked for it but didnt find it.. Then amy drove me home adn i went to bed.

Then this morning i got up and had 2 cups of coffee and yougart. Then i got ready for warped tour and brnadyn and jayson picked me up and we were on our way. It was a really hott dayu but other then that i had a blast.. i ran into soo many people.. duncan and sarah buckler were there... such a treat lol.. but in total the day was really good. On the way home form the consert we went to Mr. Sub. When i got home i went to erinns and then came home and now i think ill hit the hay!!

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