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Happy.. again

ok so yesterday i was suppoed to hang out with Duncan but amy called me and was like we are goin to the beach .. ill pick u up in like 30 mins.. so i got up and dressed and made sum coffee and then she was here. Chelsea, amy, lucy, grace, jen and maggie went to the beach. It want nice out but it was very warm. We went in the water and all talked it was nice. I was also the thinnest one there. When amy chelsea and i were in the water we looked up at the beach and noticed that there was a guy sitting with maggie and jen.. so we 3 jumped out of the water and went to see who he was. Maggie rushed down to tell us the story... he is there to smoke up with them so we all made up names so he wouldnt knwo our real ones. After a while lucy and grace showed up. Then we went to milestones for lunch. It was nice. THen we all headed home. I went to amys and we hun out. Then i went home and packed sum stuff to go to hilarys for gals night. I was fun tho we ordered pizza and then we rented a movie.. 50 first dates. i fell assleep like usual .. i wish i could watch a full movie lol. I was awoke by my cell phone ringing.. it was keith. We talked for a bit then i went back to the movie. After the movie was done we were waching much music and well that damn Avril Lavigne "My happy Ending" came on well i was like to hilary... change the channel please... she was like .. i like this song.. The song reminds me of brnadyn seeing that is thw song we broke up to.. well i couldnt help myslef i started to cry. She didnt even change the channel. She didnt tll the song was over. After that marcie was like are u ok.. but no one else cared to do anything.. ther was hil, mare, chalotte, alysha, juli, marcie, shannon and i, But they all slept over i walked home at 4 am .. when i got home brnadyn and i had this huge converstion...bah i went to bed at like 7am.

When i woke up it was 1100. I relaxed didnt do much but i went on line and started talkin to this guy, matt. Wow the most amazing guy i have ever met. I really felt s if i could open up to him and not be embarassed. We talked forever and finally he had to go he was late to meet his friends. It made me think how amazing people can be. The only thing here is he lives on the other side of canada... :( Amy called and i went to her place.. we tanned and talked then we watched tv and i fell asleep... lol. She went to work and i came home and realxed.. i talked to that amazing guy again... wow and another thing he couldnt be more good looking, No lie the hottest person i have ever met. But he has a gf and lives on the other side of cananda.. we can just talk soo well.. i cant wait to talk to him again...he made me soo happy like i was ok with my self. I felt soo pretty and wanted but then i thought he was a gf... so then i didnt feel as good.. but i have to say his gf is so luck y i would die for a bf like that... some day if i desreve it

todday i got diet pills!!! well this time is dexatrim naturals so we will see how these work!

Well im tired ill talk tomoro

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