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Moving on?

Ok so Yesterday I went to the beach with the group... it was nice! I had alot of fun there. (hilary, Shannon, amy, mark, mare, chealse, mikhaila, lucy, sean, and cole) It was hott i got a darker tan too. I got home from teh beach at like 5 or so. I got ready for my "date" i was excited and nervous. I left for the bus and well i missed it.. haha. Just then my neighbor drives by So she gave me a ride to edmonds station. I trained it to granville stn and then took my bus. I got the starbucks where i was suppoed to meet Keith like 45 minutes before i had to meet him. So I got my coffee and decided to walk around granville island. I did that till 10:10, i was meting Keith at 10:15 so i made my way to Starbucks and waited and waited.. then he calls to let me know he'll be another 15-20 mins because work was busy. So i walked around even more and then finally went back and met him. He was really tall.. hes 6'5 and im only 5'1 lol. He was really nice. He drove and got sumthing to eat at the gas station and them we went to spanish Banks. It was nice we sat on the beach and talked. It was weird like i enjoyed myself, but i dont think that i am ready to date. Hes a really nice guy but i duno it was kinda awkward when he was like all cuddly and stuff..then he kissed me and it was ok but i dont htink i really wanted to like... im not really over brandyn so it was akward. WHo knows. We are suppoed to see each other agian but i dont know.

I have been takin the dexitrim naturals for a day now.. well yesterday and today and wow i have gone from 119 lbs to 114 lbs in that day. I think this is workin for me. Im not hungery and i have energy so i like it. All i am eating is like 300 cals max a day!!

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