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Ok so saturday we all hungout in jordans pool and realxed till 3 then we all had to go he had a family bbq or sumthing! Then we all went to marcies house it was fun! Juli marce and i made dinner.. i had 2 veggi burriots it was ok i felt really sick after! BUt then hil came and we all decided we were goin to go to Jen's party. So hil and i went beck to our plces to pick up our stuff. When we got back to marcies we did out makeup and we had a photo shoot with my camera. We left for jens and we got therE at like 11:30 but i had fun. Andrew was there.. the guy i have had my eye on for a while. Well we were talkin the whole night then i was like well do u wanna go for walk? he accepted so we went for a walk and yah well we made out. He is an amazing kisser! At the end of the evening he walked me home and we watched some TV, then we went out for a smoke then he went home at like 3:30 am. Then my mum call me in the morn and tells me that her bf is in teh hopital (intensive care) he cought a infection and it made his throat swell up he could barly breath. I wasnt allowed to go see him only immidiate family, So then in the morn we went to the beach ( marcie, juli, hil, chealse and I) it was fun other then we got htere so late that we had to park on the road!! We sat there and relaxed all day. I didnt know what to do about andrew so us gals talked about him and i decided to be cautious around him he seemsd to be the kind that just makes out with people at parties. When we got home i went to amy's place and we hung out all night. Then at like 10:30 andrew calles me and this is in the midst of amy and i giving each other makeover. he invites me over and i accept! He picked me up like 30mins later. We hung out at his house and watched tv. I ended up sleeping over but all we did all night was kiss. I loved how he kept commenting on how thin i was. He would hug me and put his hands on my ribs. I love how they are so promenent! I have gone down to 112 lbs!! In the morning he got up for work and gave me a kiss b4 he left at 5:30am! I fell back asleep and woke up at 11:30 and i had to be at work at 12:00 for my meeting so i got up and left him a note sayin to call me when he got home from work. I went to the meetign and amy and i went down town shopping! She bought sum ugs and other shose lol. We got some coffe and her dad picked us up and andrew called and we made plans. So when i got home i called him and told him i was ogn to have a nap and he could pick meup in a bit. He came over and we went to his house. We watched tv and talked it was nice he asked if we could go more exclusive so now we are seeing eachother. What the hell am i goin to tell keith. the guy i went on a dat with? we were suppoed to go on a date again i had to call him and tell him. i ended up sleepin over.. then this morning when his alarm went off he didnt get uop but it woke me up. So i woke him up and we just sat in bed and kissed and talked. Then nick came and picked him up at 6:30 and i lyed in bed then walked home and slept till 10:00. I got up and talked to my mum she went back to the hosptal i had a coffee and a smoke and then im here! I work toniht graveyard 9pm-5am it'll be bad. Brandyn is on his way over to play frisbee golf so ill talk to u all later!

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