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ok so that day last tuesday when brandyn came over...and we went for Mr.Sub it was sooo yummy. It was a fun day of frisbee golf. I almost won i lost by one shot! It was nice to see him again. After our game we went to the mall and shopped around. It was fun lol brandyn got lil man undies to go with his lil shorts i bought him lol. Then on the way home i went into my purse to get out my cell phone and bradnyn saw my dexatrims. he freaked out on me. I got mad at him and told him its none of his business. He dropped me off at Andrews and we hung out abit before i went to work. I worked 9-5am... it was ok i met these really hott guys. They came through drive thru and i gave 'em half off and then they parked and eat their food and at that time i also got a break so i went out and had a smoke and talked with them. Then i went in and worked all niight.. i did fall asleep at 4 but only for like 15 mins cuz there was a car and so the manager woke me up. When i got home i found a note from my mum and she asked me to stay up ''till 6 and wake up dillan for work. So i was up for 25hrs straight. I went to bed and slept for a bit. When i got up i called hilary and we we went to the beach with Monk and Oliver. It was a blast! I got home just in time for work. I worked 5-9.
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