anabeautie (anabeautie) wrote,

Day One

So here i go again... the "bf" says i have to stop goin online and goin to pro-ana sites.. well i cant just stop.. i dont want to. So here i am starting an online journal!

CW: 118
LW: 110
GW: 95

The weight i want to be is 100 well that is for the start of summer well that is so close but i think i can do it. But by the end of summer i will be 95 lbs. I know i can do it . last summer i lost alot of weight. i find it easier to lose weight in the summer.

Well i think i should go on a 10 day fast to get it all started. i guess i can start today seeing i havent eaten anything really today.. well i did eat but i purged it already i felt soo gross with all that food inside of me. I find it easier to not eat no seeing the bf just broke up with me ... we are "on a break". Hes the one who get me to stop being mia. well that lasted longer then i thougth it would but now i dont eat ( ana) and then when i do eat i purge it (mia) so really im in both worlds. I love it.

Well ill talk later
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