anabeautie (anabeautie) wrote,


Well now that im home i wanna get goin on the losing weight... i went out for dinner with Ryans mom. It was kinda weird, goin to dinner with the bf;s mom. But it was good and it was alot of fun. it was nice to get to know her better! Last night ryan told me that he had been lyin to me this whole time about something. I thought it was goin to be somethin to do with the girl he was in love with forever.. but i was so off! he told me that he was a virgin before we met and i was the only girl he has slept with. He thought that i would be mad but i really wasnt at all. But im glad that he told me. i really did have a good time at the camp but the thing is that now i wanna get sick again. i knwo that that is not a good thing but its the truth and its kinda pathetic... but i really wanna
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